Self Empowerment Consulting and

Lifestyle Coaching with Angela Claybourn Motivational Speaker

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One on one consulting in person or virtual over the internet or phone.

Designed to help you move forward in a supported way. I use an integrative holistic approach to help you learn how to embrace your goals,

Be authentic,

Let go self-limiting thoughts

Be open to a bright future


Supported coaching within a community of women just like you

Meet new friends,

Learn new skills

Develop a unique bond with a coaching partner

Intensive, intimate tele-coaching groups

Empowering experiences


As an entertaining and motivational speaker, Angela will inspire your audience to;

Live their truth

Develop positive relationships

Re-ignite their passion

Nurture who they are with self-love

Create a life that is vibrant and fulfilling

My experience comes from my story. I am grateful to have had a career helping my clients to make transformations both physically, emotionally and spiritually. I hope you will join me on this journey

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Fall in love with your life again